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Linda Henry reflects:

“In lieu of flowers, to celebrate the life of my dear sweet brother Thom Jackson who passed away on 2 July 2018 in London, the family would appreciate donations being made to the Dallas Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.

My brother and my son Samuel had a very close and special bond – keeping my brother young at heart and my son knowing that he had a big supporter in his life who believed in him.  This support, along with specialist support, gives Sam and kids like him a fighting chance to live a happy and successful life, however success is defined by the individual.

Samuel has severe dyslexia and has had his share of challenges in his 12 years.  We have seen the magic of having specialist work with Samuel, bringing him out from the back of the classroom where he was trying to hide to teaching him skills that allow him to participate in mainstream school and focus on his creative skills.

Thank you for your contributions….our hope is that Thom’s love and kindness continues on through this organisation working with so many other children.”

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