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Ways to volunteer with the Dallas IDA

As a volunteer, you will help to enrich the life of individuals with dyslexia by sharing your time and talents.

Annual Membership Meeting
Locate venues/hosts for meeting * Provide catering services * Promote the event * Be a greeter
Contact: admin.dal@dyslexiaida.org

Spread the word. Forward the e-blast announcements * Provide items/gift certificates for the raffle * Suggest speakers/topics * Submit a proposal to be a speaker * Volunteer to work the day of the event * Suggest vendors for the annual conference * Attend and share what you learned. * Submit “highlights” for the website, social media & e-communication *
Contact: admin.dal@dyslexiaida.org

Dyslexia Information Group Meetings (DDIG)
Help locate different venues/hosts for meetings * Be a greeter or help at the sign-in table * Suggest topics and/or speakers. * If you have an area of expertise, offer to be a speaker * Offer to bring refreshments
Contact: mclack.dallasida@gmail.com

Promote * Help organize fundraisers * Raise funds
Contact: scholarship.dal@dyslexiaida.org

Help promote the race to interested runners and organizations * Participate as a runner and raise the funds necessary. * Share your story about the importance of raising funds for dyslexia
Contact: teamquest.dal@dyslexiaida.org

Website & Social Media
Are you website, Facebook & Twitter savvy? Send us your suggestions * Find Dallas IDA on social media and hit “like,” share & make comments
Contact: admin.dal@dyslexiaida.org

Other ways to get involved
Grant Writing * Fundraising * Hospitality * Expertise * Publicity * Speaking * Marketing * Event Photographer * Distribute fliers and promotional materials to school & libraries
Contact: admin.dal@dyslexiaida.org

The Dallas IDA is an organization of passionate volunteers that is committed to promoting literacy for individuals with dyslexia and related disorder through advocacy, education and support.

Thank you for your support of the Dallas IDA. Please visit our website often to find out about specific volunteer needs throughout the year.

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