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Dallas Branch of the IDA Annual Art Contest

2018 Theme: Pathways to Progress

Congratulations to our winners!

Grand Prize Winner:

“Missing Pieces”

by Chas

“I chose to make a chess set with some of the pieces missing in the purple side to represent learning differences, specifically dyslexia.  The analogy is having dyslexia is like playing chess with some of your pieces missing.  You can still win but have to try twice or three times as hard as your opponent.”

Chas also won the 8th -12th grade Category with his Missing Pieces submission.

Winners of the 3rd – 7th grade category:


“New World”

“The black side of the stairs in stepping down from the difficulties of dyslexia. The watercolor side of the stairs is stepping up to the new pathways of success. The middle space is being a regular kid and not having to worry about the problems that come with having dyslexia.”



“I’ve Got This”

“I am 11 years old and I have dyslexia.  My drawing is of me and my classmates taking the STAAR test, and how I am able to use the computer for my test.  Using the computer and applying all the tools that my teachers have provided has given me the confidence to take any test without so much fear. And now I know that in life with the right tools I can conquer any test.”

A few of the 3rd – 7th art submissions for you to enjoy . . . 

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