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Adult Dyslexia


Dyslexia affects at least 1 in 10 individuals, many of whom remain undiagnosed and receive little or no intervention services. For some individuals who have never been diagnosed, dyslexia is a hidden disability which may result in underemployment, difficulty navigating academic environments, difficulty on the job, and reduced self-confidence. Even those who have been diagnosed are likely to struggle with reading or writing in some aspects of their lives. Dyslexia is a specific reading disorder and does not reflect low intelligence. There are many bright and creative individuals with dyslexia who never learn to read, write, and/or spell at a level consistent with their intellectual ability. You are not alone.


Self-Assessment Tool:

Do I Have Dyslexia? – International Dyslexia Association



Language and Literacy Fund:

The mission of the LANGUAGE AND LITERACY FUND is to support and strengthen the reading, spelling and writing skills of adult learners. The Language and Literacy Fund offers literacy classes in the community college setting for those who may or may not have been diagnosed with dyslexia or other learning difference, but their literacy skills are a barrier to achieving individual success.



At Aspire, they believe learning turns obstacles into opportunities. Every day, they walk alongside our students as they make the brave decision to change their lives. From learning English or earning a GED, to balancing a family bank account or preparing for careers, the students face challenges with confidence. Because when you are ready to learn, there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome.



Professional Dyslexia Network (PDN)

Hosted by IDA-Oregon

  • A live monthly chat space for adults living with dyslexia to connect, learn from each other, and share resources.
  • For Individuals 18+ with dyslexia, but will be inclusive to all learning differences.
  • Our goals are to provide a place to connect, to learn from peers, and to share resources.
  • Live outside Oregon…no problem!  This network is for ALL persons 18 and over.
Are you interested in learning more about attending the Professional Dyslexia Network (PDN) where you can connect with fellow adults with dyslexia?  


Sign up:


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