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IDA is excited to announce that there are 30 Conference Scholarships for National Conference to be held in Portland Oregon November 7 – 10, 2019 ready to award to teachers, parents of a child with dyslexia, and individuals with dyslexia. Submit your application to your local branch – that’s us! Email submissions to

There are two types of scholarships available:

  • Full Scholarship – cover conference registration fees and 1 night of lodging expenses
  • Partial Scholarship – covers full conference registration fees only

Download the Teacher Scholarship Application

Download the Parent and Individual Scholarship Application

“To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.” –Victor Hugo


“Spark the Change” is our theme for not only our upcoming conference in February, but also for the entire year. We believe that early identification of dyslexia and early intervention for those students is extremely important. Please join us to “Spark the Change” for early identification and intervention. Let’s make it the new norm! #untileveryonecanread

“75% of children whose help is delayed to age 9 or later, continue to struggle throughout their school career”

Vellutino et al., 1996

In the wait to fail model, students typically do not receive intensive, specialized interventions until the second half of elementary school. Yet, specialized instruction has been shown to be most efficient when administered to students prior to fourth grade.”

– Blachman et al., 2004

IDA Recognized as an “Outstanding Organization” by the Child Mind Institute and crowd-sourced Votes


The Child Mind Institute is a national, independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Their annual Change Maker Awards celebrate individuals and organizations who raise awareness and dispel stigma, help children and families directly, or work to transform the way we understand and treat mental health and learning differences.

This spring, the Child Mind Institute nominated the International Dyslexia Association for their Outstanding Organization award that is won by crowd-sourced voting. “This award recognizes an organization for their uncompromising support of young people who struggle with mental health and learning disorders and the professionals who work to help them is results-oriented and have proven success.”

IDA wishes to thank all of its members, volunteers, staff and the entire dyslexia community for contributing to 70 years of changing lives and for taking the time to vote for a cause that has an impact on every person struggling to do something most of us take for granted.

See what other organizations and individuals are being recognized at the Change Maker Awards here.




On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Dallas Branch, I welcome you.  We are here to serve our community, particularly those with dyslexia, and do so primarily through conferences, speakers, and our scholarship fund. 

Our name is a little misleading because it makes it sound as if we only serve the Dallas area.  However, our branch covers portions of:

Texas (Zip codes: 75000-76499, 76600-76999, 79000-79799)

Arkansas (Zip codes: 71600-72999)

Oklahoma (Zip codes: 73000-73799)

Take a look around and please contact us with any questions or comments.

Emily Visinsky

International Dyslexia Association
Dallas Branch

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