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“[My daughter] has excelled this year in her reading and writing skills have drastically improved since last year. We adore our therapist, and we could not be happier with the opportunity that we have been given. Thank you Dallas IDA for the opportunity that you have given us!”
— Mother of a Scholarship Recipient



We believe that every person with dyslexia should have the opportunity to receive therapy specifically developed for them and the way their mind works.  However, therapy is often cost-prohibitive. IDA Dallas offers financial need-based scholarships for students with dyslexia to be used towards Educational/Academic Therapy and these scholarships are awarded twice a year.  We want for all students to have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential and to help provide the tools needed to make that happen.

Applications are accepted year round with twice yearly due dates of April 30 and October 31.

The scholarship applications are then reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, and scholarship award recipients are notified by June 1 and December 1.


SOLICITUD DE BECA (version en Español)


“This scholarship pays for [our son] to continue to see his language therapist privately during the summer so that he can continue to master the skills he needs to be a proficient reader. We are grateful for the support from the Dallas International Dyslexia Association!”
– Parents of a Scholarship Recipient

“My grandson, unfortunately suffers from dyslexia. I tried paying for tutoring help. The cost was out of my financial reach. Without the help of a scholarship from The Dallas IDA my grandson could not get the help he so desperately needed. With this help, he is finally reading. My prayers have been answered. Thank you so much.”
— Grandparent of a Scholarship Recipient


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